Friday, January 7, 2011

Home Care

I  don't think it gets any better then the home care i get with Alexa! It is so fun to have home visits with the midwife. The first time she came i was kinda stressed. I didn't know what to expect, how she was going to be, where i should sit, anything. I was nervous :) anxious and nervous in a great way. She came in and was amazing. She was so sweet to the kids, and talked to me for 2 hours. She made both Mr.Wylie and I feel so comfortable in our own home!

Today she came for her second visit. I was so much less stressed this time. Everything was very easy going. The kids were bouncing off the walls waiting for her to come. She was running late today( and because German numbers look different then American numbers she had a 7 instead of a 1 in my phone number and couldn't get ahold of me ), but that's was okay. Why was it okay? Well what is so wonderful about home visits is that the kids weren't stuck in a waiting room. They were able to go play with their toys, watch a movie, have a snack. So that kept the stress level way down. crazy chick even was able to take his whole nap on the couch while we waited :)

Doesn't this look way more comfy then a waiting room. Sitting on our comfy couch, wrapped in our fave Ikea blanket :) Mommy even got to watch her cooking shows! what a great afternoon just waiting around for the midwife! <3

When Alexa got here the fun really began. The kids were so excited and they were all talking to her at one time :) so we gave them popsicles to keep their mouths busy so mommy could talk for a few minutes :)
Silly chick did their makeup lol. Alexa told me she thought Silly chick had the same thing as her sister that makes her eyes dark :) i told her it was just eye shadow ;)
Crazy chick was not amused with ANYTHING going on this afternoon. Not even his popsicle. He ate it, but he wasn't happy.
We quickly got into the "fun stuff" of the visit so that the kids could go play. This was really exciting for everyone! First she felt baby, i love how when she feels the baby she talks to baby. Here is a video of her feeling the baby <3

     the next thing she did was listen to the heartbeat. Crazy chick does NOT like ANYONE to touch my belly. He gets very upset over this. Hes such a nut! So here it is :) a video of baby Cincos heartbeat! I don't have ultrasound pictures to share ( but that's because we aren't having any more, i had 1 in the very begining of this pregnancy ) but i though this was even better!!
the next thing she did was measure my belly and fundus, this was so funny, I don't know if you can hear it but when asked how big i am Silly chick just says " wow"  it was so funny ( though Crazy chick did NOT think so! ) when she was first measuring me Crazy chick is saying " don't" to her! That's his new thing he says!!
She told me that my fundus is measuring between 24-26weeks ( will be 24 weeks on Sunday ) and that she thought my placenta was all in the front ( something i have thought from the very beginning ). She said the baby feels strong to her. Cinco is still laying transverse ( so that means baby is sideways ) but she said its not a big deal.

 This was so fun. There is just nothing like this kind of care.  When its more then just about me. Its the whole family gets treated. We all get some special attention. We have been trying to think of special things for the kids to do when the baby is born. I think we are going to let Silly chick make the big announcement( boy or girl ) and let Brother chick cut the cord. Alexa said that Mama chick can help with the weighing and measuring! That is going to be so fabulous! I love that all this is going on in my own home. I love that the kids are going to be apart of everything going on. Every part of this new baby is something that we are all apart of! I can not wait for our next visit!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the choice to bottle feed

So yesterday at the KMCC we saw a family my husband knows from work. They were out and about with their 3 day old baby girl ( who was so adorable! OH my goodness i kept telling my kids not to touch her, but really it was me i was saying that too!! ). She was so sweet and tiny with the pinkest little lips. Oh! I kept thinking( as we were standing there ) about how excited i am to give birth again, and to breastfeed someone so small! It made me so happy to think about it! As we were walking away the mom pulled out her diaper bag and got out a bottle and formula and a bottle of water.... that made me very sad.

   Now, i should say here that i AM a parent who bottle fed 2 babies. Mama chick went to the bottle full time around 8 months, looking back now what i THOUGHT was weaning, was really just developmental milestones and teething, not weaning at all! But i was young, and didn't know anyone who was breastfeeding so i gave her a bottle. Silly chick was bottle fed from around 3 months old. I started giving her a bottle at just before 2 months old because i was very sick, and the Dr. didn't know what was wrong ( really he didn't take anytime to run tests or listen to me because if he had he probably would have caught on right away what was going on with me ) and so i was almost starving for 4 months because i couldn't eat anything. and i mean ANYTHING. I had frozen quite a bit of milk in the freezer and gave that to her for more then a month before i ran out. Then i gave her formula. I hated it. HATED IT. But, i didn't know what else to do. And looking back, there really wasn't a whole lot i could have done. Okay, so all that being said....

  How is it that new moms CHOOSE to bottle feed? How can they make that choice when everywhere around them is breastfeeding is best information? And i am not trying to be snarky, i really want to know.
. The idea of bugs being in the food i gave my children was enough to make me move off the military base. I could never give my children formula now without worrying about dead bug body parts in it. Why do moms choose to formula feed over breastfeeding? Its not easier, its not better for the baby, and if you don't attachment parent, it can hinder the bond between mother and baby. It makes me ill to see parents propping bottles...why cant they just hold their babies? Do you know that they sell a beanbag animal with a loop on top that is FOR BOTTLE PROPPING???? i almost puked when i saw it. Isn't that dangerous? It was always important to me to hold silly chick while she had her bottle ( mama chick was older and held it on her own, i still held her when she wanted me to of course though! ) and to feel that connection to her as if she was nursing. i missed nursing her.
(isn't this thing awfuL!!)

okay so lets go over why its not easier. Its not ready at the drop of a hat( or neckline should i say ;) ), it goes bad, you have to wash bottles and nipples, you have to make sure to have some with you in your diaper bag when you leave the house. It just seems to me like a lot of extra work( well, i know it is a lot of extra work ).

its not better for baby.  Babies bodies are not developed to digest anything other than breast milk till at least 6 months old. Not carrots, not rice cereal, nothing. For at least, at least 6 months they aren't supposed to have cows milk till 1 year old. Yet formula is made from cows milk. Its obvious by the disgusting, smelly, nasty greenish grey poop ( oh the smell of that can make my stomach turn over!!! ) that it isn't as good for them as natural mothers milk( and i am sorry but the "organic" formula is BREASTMILK...  )

 So why do it? Why choose it? I know there are times there is not a choice. But, for the moms that choose it. WHY? Why do you choose it? Again, as a mom who did it( not by choice ) why do you CHOOSE it? I really am just curious.

im a little bummed! I wanted to add pictures on here of me feeding my babies both ways that i have, but all those pictures are on another computer... boo :( oh well. I will add them when i find them!